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Here are the projects I have worked on.
Also take a look at my GitHub profile for more details.

Project Preview Screenshot is a social media platform for science enthusiasts. Message friends, add to your timeline and connect to groups.

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pygetpapers is a tool to assist text miners. It makes requests to open access scientific text repositories, analyses the hits, and systematically downloads the articles without further interaction.
It comes with the packages pygetpapers and downloadtools which provide various functions to download, process and save research papers and their metadata.
The main medium of its interaction with users is through a command-line interface.
pygetpapers has a modular design which makes maintenance easy and simple. This also allows adding support for more repositories simple.

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HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript

A website to cater to all your technological curbs

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“TechTitans: Podcast for Techies and Rookies” is a 6 part series hosted by Ayush Garg to discuss the various tech-related topics and how technology is revolutionizing our world and daily lives. With the advent of Technology surging through all spheres of life, games are no longer just a form of entertainment. The onset of technology has taken the core concepts of games to new heights and employed them across various fields, notably education.

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Python Js Html CSS

AI powered chat bot serving people on lionsbefrienders

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Python Flutter

FinLearn gamifies teaching financing to youth. It uses its own in App blockchain-based currency called FinCoin which gets rewarded to players when they complete their daily tasks which include things like making their bed, studying, going for physical activity, etc.

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Python Html Css Js

CoVax serves as a user-friendly medium of interaction between the three main strata involved in the process of vaccinations: the suppliers, the medical professionals, as well as the general public.
Our first app is an inventory-based application that utilizes unique QR codes to communicate to hospitals about the availability of vaccines. Each vaccine and each shelf are associated with a unique ID, which we use to identify stock.
We have a vision where security camera feed can be input into our programme to update the stock of vaccines in real time as they are being taken in and out of the cold storages.

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React Html CSS Firebase Js

The Protect-21 application sends a friendly reminder notification to the user to wear their mask every time they leave / depart from key locations (such as their home and place of business).
Our application will also encourage the proper wear of their mask and verify them to minimize the risk of exposure.

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HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript React

Teach 4A Cause is an online learning-crowdfunding platform where specialized teachers from indicated backgrounds or professional can create a class, and the earnings would be utilized for helping other people/ a cause.
As Campaign Host, they can teach a class in any field they are passionate about.
Think of it as donating your time for impact — so they can use their resources to make the most effective impact for a good cause :)

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HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Python Firebase

The customers get a QR code which is printed onto a band when they first sign up for the program.
Each time they enter a bar, they scan this QR code and the bars get updated about their information, like whether they are above the legal drinking age, as well as their gender, weight, and payment method (which are all confirmed at the time of registration and updated periodically and dynamically).
When the customers want to order a drink, they scan the QR code on their wristbands or mobile phones, which add the drink they ordered to their tab and update the approximated biometrics (We predict their BAC using mathematical models).

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HTML5 CSS3 Arduino

When's the last time you lost your keys? Had that rotten bell-pepper in the back of the fridge that you never got to? What if we could make space-missions cleaner and more efficient?
In space, keeping track of items such as tools, scientific equipment, medical supplies, personal belongings, food and more – is mission-critical.
It's costly, damaging to the environment, and highly-complex to send up new items missed or lost during long-term space missions.
What do these problems have in common? Sachen solves both of them. We're the automatic inventory management system for everybody.